Body & Mind Wellness


Accepting conscious presence, treating the brain, and treating the mind's well-being. The mindfulness moment includes well-being tips for everyday life and revive guided exercises. Mindfulness creates an airy atmosphere, makes it easier to absorb things during the day and refreshes the body and mind. Part of the exercises or entire program are implemented outdoors in nature.


Slow down, enjoy the moment. Forest mind is a Finnish method of mental skills exercises designed to utilize and intensify the natural healing effects of forests. Anyone can use the Forest Mind exercises consciously and purposefully to develop internal mental skills that support physical and mental wellness. Forest Mind is ideal for promoting self-awareness, relaxation, stress relief, refreshment, and invigorationin. During this nature walk, you will hear about nature's healing effects and get to try some invigorating and relaxing Forest Mind exercises. Enjoy the nature around you and let yourself be mindfully present. Even a short walk in nature helps you to concentrate better and gives you a refreshing break in the middle of the day.


A very old traditional Chinese system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing and meditation used in promoting health and spirituality.Chi kung includes  slow flowing movement and deep rhythmic breathing.  The exercises relax, increase the energy level and increase clarity. Outdoors in the middle of nature. Make your inner journey - come back and experience the world and yourself new!

Duration: 60 min -
Number of people: 15-30