Hiking, Nordic Walking, Swamp Hike


There are many wonderful nature sites hidden in the National Park's gorges and shrubs, which can be accessed with a local guide.

Mushroom – and berry picking excursions are led by an expert guide.


Nordic Walking is recreation at its best for your team day. Healthy activity – on your own pace. The speed and the difficulty of the terrain will be chosed listening to your body.

Duration: 2 h
Number of people: Min. 10, max 50 people


A hiking trip to a marshland with a unique ecosystem, typical species of plants and berries wearing special shoes for hiking on the swamp.  The wide-bottomed shoes help stay on the surface and move easily. Swamp hiking doesn’t harm the sensitive nature of the marshland.

Duration: 2 h
Number of people: Min. 7, max 14 people