Eco-friendly activities in Nuuksio

Combine a refreshing outdoor program either as part of a meeting day or it can be the main event. After the outdoor activities, it's nice to relax in the warmth of a sauna and outdoor hot tub and enjoy a delicious dinner by the fireplace or bbq-dinner outdoors.


NOUX CHALLENGE - Team Building Program

Participants are divided into random teams that set out to complete a series of tasks in the close-by terrain. The exercises involve a various tasks requiring teamwork, communication, creative problem-solving, and leadership – all with a sense of humour. Team spirit is the key to success! The program is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.






A team/orienteering activity looking for photographed objects in the near surroundings and capture them again with slightly unexpected instructions with a twist. Finally, the photos are reviewed and judged indoors, and the winning team is announced with resounding applause! Coffee and pastries are enjoyed during the photo review.


A fun, suitable-for-all GPS orienteering program in teams amidst the national park landscapes. Codes are collected from checkpoints to solve slightly tricky nature-themed questions, which are then solved and scored among the entire group.


A small competitive spirit seems to reside in all of us. A playful team competition with seasonally appropriate equipment is a refreshing part of a meeting day or the main event itself. The selection of games is diverse; it's not always sheer strength that leads to victory. A touch of physics, cleverness, and team spirit easily create fun moments for even large groups. The program can be customized within the available time and preferences.


An activity dating back to ancient Vikings – aim the hatchet precisely at the target.


An activity dating back to ancient Vikings – aim the hatchet precisely at the target.


The elite of survival skills from the Amazon jungle – does your breath suffice?


A basic skill for the little ones. Also suitable for girls


Nature-friendly golf for everyone, no green card needed. Play with a wooden club made from natural wood.


Unbelievable! Looks so easy... An addictive climbing challenge for every boy and girl (available only at Safaritalo).


The Nuuksio Green Maze challenges players to acrobatic feats in ball spinning.



Learn survival skills in nature with the guidance of a skilled wilderness guide, through various tasks and techniques. Learn how to navigate, making fire, identify edible wild foods, construct emergency shelters, and more. Good skills for everyone!

NOUX SURVIVOR -Team Building Program

Participants are divided by the guides into smaller teams, which set out to compete in survival challenges in the nearby wilderness. Success in the competition is achieved with either solid experience or simply sheer luck. A fun, suitable-for-all, and camaraderie-boosting program amidst the beauty of nature.


A guided hiking tour in the beautiful landscapes of the national park, starting directly from our log cabin courtyard. The guide provides information about the nature and wildlife of Nuuksio along the way. The length and difficulty level of the hike are agreed upon in advance. Mushroom picking can also be combined with the hiking excursion. Bring your own mushroom baskets and knives.


The Reindeer Park is located at Bear's Nest. A visit to the Reindeer Park can be booked either as a part of a meeting day's program or as the sole activity for the day. During a private booking, you can feed lichen to the reindeer from the forest terrace of the Lappish Hut, and our staff will provide information about the reindeer. In the cozy White Reindee hut, guests can enjoy campfire coffee with a cinnamon roll, roast stick buns or sausages by the fire, have a lunch, or a three-course dinner with wine according to their preference. The White Reindeer Kota in the Reindeer Park also serves as a relaxed and creative meeting place. In the mining shed of the Reindeer Park, it's possible to dig for your own lucky stone, a domestic raw amethyst. With the stone, you will receive a certificate of authenticity.


WOW – walk on water

Step in to a giant ball and run, walk or chill out – without getting wet! It’s safe to spend 10 minutes inside the ball. A great activity on the Safari House’s forest pond where you can book the Inipi Spa sauna and hot baths after wowing.



Nordic walking is optimal for corporate physical activity (TYKY). It's excellent exercise for health, tailored to your own fitness level. The pace and terrain difficulty are chosen according to your own body's capabilities



A hiking trip to a bog area, where the unique ecosystem, typical bog plants, and berries can be observed up close while wearing bog shoes. The wide-bottomed shoes help navigate the soft bog surface and allow access to places that would otherwise be inaccessible. Explore the nature, animals, and listen to the silence of the forest in the bog. From a conservation perspective, bog shoes leave only a light footprint on the bog surface, which disappears within a day. The deep imprint of boots takes years to vanish from the peat moss. By moving in this way, we respect nature and its biodiversity



A rowing trip to the southern end of the fjord-like Pitkäjärvi to Rakkausniemi (Love Peninsula), followed by a visit to the Stone Age rock paintings visible from the boat. The guide provides information about the nature/wildlife of Nuuksio along the way. The total rowing distance is approximately 12 km. Maximum of 14 rowers plus the guide, who acts as the coxswain.



The Romvuori tour offers a quintessential introduction to the landscapes of the national park. Along the way, you'll encounter marshes and cliffs, as well as opportunities for rowing, hiking, and cycling on small roads. It's nature sports at its best, whether you're moving briskly or leisurely enjoying the surroundings. The guide provides information about the nature and wildlife of Nuuksio along the way. The church boat can accommodate a maximum of 14 rowers at a time. The tour is conducted in two groups heading in opposite directions, with a maximum of 28 participants in total.



Canoeing trip with open canoes on the fjord-like Lake Pitkäjärvi, which was still a bay about 5000 years ago. During the trip, you can admire, among other things, the steep cliffs of Romvuori and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Pitkäjärvi is Nuuksio's largest lake.



The cruise boat Helga glides silently on the fjord-like Lake Pitkäjärvi with an electric motor. Lake Pitkäjärvi in Nuuksio was 5000 years ago still a bay of sea where the Vikings sailed to a safe harbor. On the way you can enjoy the surrounding nature, steep and rugged rocks and shores, bird song and the flow of the stream. The skipper shares stories about the nature of Nuuksio during the journey. We visit Jäniskallio and the rock paintings from the Stone Age, where you can still see a head of a moose on the rock. The painting was found as late as the 1970's. The ancient hunters might also have used the rock as a sacrificing spot and steer moose off the cliff. In the summer of 2019, cruise passengers were delighted by the osprey nesting high in a tree on the shores of Lake Pitkäjärvi. The Helga cruise duration is 1,5 hours for max 12 persons.

FIXED COURSES AT BEAR'S NEST  (Karhunpesä log cabin)

The tracks are located at the Bear's Nest. Both tracks can be reserved simultaneously as part of, for example, a meeting day program.


A 9-hole terrain disc golf course at Bear's Nest, par 3. Also playable at night with LED-lit discs to illuminated baskets.


An adventurous high rope course running 6-10 meters above ground from tree to tree in the beautiful forest terrain of Nuuksio, located at Bear's Nest. The course features thrilling zip lines, balancing elements, and climbing challenges. An exhilarating adrenaline rush for corporate meetings, team-building days, or bachelor/bachelorette parties. The course has been updated and inspected according to the latest safety standards.



Reindeer yoga offers a relaxing moment in Nuuksio Reindeer Park, where you can enjoy the fresh outdoor air in the best of company. Reindeer yoga is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. We engage in various balance exercises and allow energy to flow throughout the practice, ending with a relaxation session to enjoy the soothing effects of the forest. After the yoga session, in the cozy White Reindeer Kota, there is Finnish black pot coffee and delicious cinnamon rolls by the campfire. Guests can feed lichen to the reindeer. The caretaker will provide information about the reindeer.


Mindfulness is accepting conscious presence and the ability to live consciously in the moment. Mindfulness is brain training and taking care of mental well-being. Mindfulness practice includes formal exercises and various attitudes and thought patterns that can be integrated into everyday activities. Conducted outdoors in nature.


The Forest Mindfulness method has been developed by experienced wellness coach Sirpa Arvonen, who has been working in health and outdoor fitness coaching for 30 years. During the approximately 1.5-hour Forest Mindfulness nature walk, participants will learn about the well-being effects of nature, relax, manage stress, and refresh themselves. The program also includes yoga stretching.

CHI KUNG – Chinese Exercise

Chi Kung practitioners around the world include health and well-being enthusiasts, martial arts practitioners developing internal strength, and seekers of peace and enlightenment. The exercises include gymnastic movements, slow flowing movements, static postures, and meditative moments. The practices relax, increase energy levels, and enhance internal clarity.