White Reindeer Teepee Restaurant

A lunch or a three-course dinner at the White Reindeer Restaurant is an experience you won’t forget. You are surrounded by a peaceful nature and tame reindeer. Up to 35 diners are treated to best moods and memories of the campfire in the teepee.

We’ve had small-scale nature weddings, birthdays and visitors from all around the globe. The teepee is well-suited for with a luncheon or a dinner together with a meeting day spent at the Karhunpesä/ Bear’s Nest Villa.

Attached please find a few menu suggestions to be enjoyed by the campfire. Special dietary requirements will be taken into consideration upon your wishes. The premises are fully licensed.

Menu 1:

Creamy Salmon Soup
Ryebread and water
Pancake with jam
Campfire coffee

Menu 2:

Smoked Reindeer Venison Soup
Teepee flatbread and water
Flamed Salmon
Baked Root-Vegetables-Potatoes
Lapland Bread Cheese with spruce syrup
Campfire Coffee

Menu 3:

Creamy Forest Mushroom Soup with water and bread
Wild-meat Stew with Mashed Potatoes
Lingonberry Jam and Pickles
Wild Berries with Caramel Sauce

Campfire Coffee


Group size: 8- 35 people                              


Price for Teepee: 150 € + the chosen Menu.

Menu 1: 45 € / person

Menu 2: 55 € / person

Menu 3: 60 € / person


Prices include a private visit to the Reindeer Park, chosen menu (minimum 8 people), lichen to be fed for the reindeer and the services of our staff. Drinks are charged by consumption.