Eco-friendly Winter Activities

Combine refreshing outdoor activities either as part of your meeting day or as an event in itself. Winter activities can be tailored for larger groups based on interest. At the end of the outdoor activity, you can book a sauna with hot baths and dining by the fireplace.


If your skiing skills are a bit rusty, don't worry, there’s no easier way to move in the snow than snowshoeing. Nuuksio National Park is a real winter wonderland and offers beautiful scenery for snowshoeing.

It's easy to practise and requires no special skills. Snowshoes are easy to walk on in deep snow and the level of difficulty of the route can be set according to the wishes of the group.

Ski hiking involves more sliding and skiing, and you can also go downhill. It's fun and suitable for everyone for winter outdoor activities, for example, as part of a meeting or for a recreational day



Kick sledging and ice-fishing is a genuinely Finnish combo. Warm drinks are served during the trip to Lake Pitkäjärvi. Please come prepared with warm clothes and shoes. We rent ice-fishing overalls and thermal boots.


A popular team sport from Central Europe for everyone. Played on a snow track or natural ice. Strategy and manual dexterity are required in this fun winter sport



Winter day can contain several activities: snowshoeing, ice-fishing, kicksledging, Alp Curling, snow sculpturing, downhill sledging, immersion suit floating, deep snow skiing, downhill skiing at the Swinghill Ski Resort next door. You can choose a few suitable activities depending on the size of the group and the time available for the activity. Day can be finished with a sauna, a meal and relaxing around the campfire.


In the spirit of flippers running and iron bar walking, a guaranteed heart and spirit lifter. Can also be combined with various tasks.


When air is +4C and water -12C degrees, one can safely dip into the icy water in an immersion suit. This activity is great to combine with a sauna and hot baths at the Inipi Spa and a delicious meal by the open fire in the Safari House.

Duration of the program is 2 hours for minimum 8 persons and maximum 16 persons.


Enjoy some outdoor fun before sauna and dining: "Hunting for the Lost Sauna Key in the Glow of Outdoor Fires". Teams receive clues to search for the hiding spot, and in the end, they must join forces to find the hidden treasure. The program continues with sauna, dining, and evening entertainment.